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Frequently Asked Question!

Punch Extracts solely produces Live Rosin; a higher grade of rosin. Live Rosin is produced by processing fresh frozen flower into hash, which is then pressed through a fine mesh to remove impurities.
Andrew O’Donnell, the owner and founder of Punch, says the situation is costly and frustrating. “What were they thinking? We have payroll, we have mortgages, we have all of these things.
Punch delivers some of the strongest and most flavorful strains available, and they are committed to using only the finest quality ingredients. Their Platinum OG cartridge is no different – it’s packed with all the good stuff and zero fillers.
The effects are uplifting social, energy, vibes from music are on point and will have you feeling your jams heavy, work is flowing, time is flying at work! I felt the effects of it all day. But the potency aspect of it fell short simply due to me needing more mgs but a tasty fire sample!
Keep the bars wrapped in their original packaging and check they are sealed properly. Store them in a separate container and make sure the lid is tightly shut. If stored correctly, punch bars should last for up to one year.
In general, the effects of an edible start to kick in somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes.
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