7g Baller Jar Hash Rosin

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Rosin is a cannabis concentrate created through a solventless process of heat and pressure at which cannabis trichomes expand leaving a sap, budder, or shatter-like consistency of refined THC content and terpenes.

Our Premium Rosin is single press only.

Only small amounts are needed to achieve desired effect.  

Total THCA: 79.1%

Total Cannabinoids: 84.6%



Strawberry Gelato, Lemon Cherry Piss, Cherry Chuckz, Zuper Dulce, Zazitos, Fruit Stripes, Cherry Gelato, Black Cherry Gelato, White Guava Gelato
Zlush Puppiez, Crypto Gelato, ZuperBubble, Duzalin, Bubblegum Dulce, Fruit Stripe, Italian Ice, Lemon Cherry Gelato, White Cherry Gelato, Assorted Flavors, Bubblegum Gelato, Scotty Pippen, wedding cake, Blue Cheese, GMO, Afghan Kush, GMO, Wedding Cake, Blue Cheese

4 reviews for 7g Baller Jar Hash Rosin

  1. jack321

    Great live reson! Good dab and thin mints! Double the hit and great high! I’ve never felt so relaxed so quick before.

  2. monsterjar

    These resins truly works wonders! I haven’t really shaken all my nerves well for that big day until I hit this sauce! It’s almost like medicinal, now I’m ready for whatever comes next!

  3. mike096

    Very satisfied with Punch Extracts concentrates! Their waxes are top notch!!

  4. me2u

    Planned to hit this dabs on a late afternoon for that perfect sunset picture. Then evening came, and the rest was legendary!!!

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