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  1. Lucia

    I’m definitely high AF with Muha meds White Truffle resins. These concentrates got pine mint flavors that makes me want more.

  2. Martin

    Need a good fade… well this is your ticket to getting there fast

  3. Cassandra

    I would invite friends to come over for this specially made creation. They just would love to hang out and chill.

  4. Dr mike

    Tried these live resins coz them gems were lookin like fire! Did not disappoint, now I’m a changed sativa enthusiast!

  5. Dr Punch

    I’ve been using this for over 3 months now, and all i could say is that its very consistent with its potency!

  6. Dr Punch

    Good Rosin for it’s price. Great value and even better high. Good vibes!

  7. mathew

    …put me in a daze 😳. Had some big diamonds ♦ in my gram which contained 80.39% THC. As good of concentrate as I have had from Muha meds. 💨 Enjoy The Pleasure Of The Smoke 💨

  8. george

    I actually reviewed this disposable pod on my YouTube channel check it out before you purchase ! Looney Reviews

  9. sandra

    Very impressed with the taste of the terps and diamonds quality 💎 First dab tasted like Lemonade

  10. joseph

    I only gave it 4 stars because of the price, would have been 5 if it was priced comparable to its competitors. it was hard spending 60 bucks for a half gram but wanted to give it a try myself. definitely smooth, taste is unreal and potent.

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