Papaya Breath Live Rosin


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Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Papaya Cake x Garlic Breath
Flavor Notes:
Earthy, Fruit, Citrus

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Buy Papaya Breath Live Rosin Online from PUNCH EXTRACTS. They’ve built a cutting edge growing facility, providing their plants with optimal growing conditions.

As a company, they strive to create a name for themselves as a quality, respected cultivator of cannabis.

Papaya Breath is a cross between two indica-dominant strains:

  • Papaya Cake, a strain said to leave users feeling relaxed and floaty.
  • Garlic Breath, a strain that’s said to have euphoric and calming effects.

Rosin is a form of concentrate that uses heat and pressure to extract cannabinoids, rather than solvents. Depending on the source material used for the extraction, rosin can vary widely in clarity and consistency.

Reported Effects:

Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy

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