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Buy Buddery Crash Live Rosin Online. When discussing the merits of live resin vs. rosin, there are a lot of angles to consider both for brands and consumers. Both concentrates can pique the interest of consumers while providing brands with lucrative, highly sought-after SKUs.

But what are rosin and live resin? A fair deal of confusion can be expected when first entering the space. There is never any shame in asking what is live resin or what is rosin, especially when first stepping into the cannabis market.

These two extracts are just the tip of a seemingly ever-growing iceberg of concentrates. Between solventless and solvent-based extracts, the varieties are seemingly endless, but some key distinctions allow customers to purchase a product that best fits their needs and budget.

Today’s focus will mainly center on the rosin vs resin debate, touching on what exactly makes both so popular, how they’re made, and which one is the best choice for consumers and businesses alike.


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