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Nerds sugar wax is an extract that got its name from how soft and flexible it felt and looked like wax. Wax may also go by other words that describe the texture and look of the extract, such as “butter,” “badder,” or “honeycomb,” due to the fact that it may take on a wide variety of subtle shapes. Several alternative manufacturing processes, including butane or hydrocarbon extraction, can be used to create wax. Dabbing is the most common way to ingest wax, but it may also be applied to bowls, joints, or blunts to increase strength.

What is Nerds Premium Sugar Wax?

Cannabis concentrates that have a soft, waxy look are referred to as wax under this general heading. Using butane or other hydrocarbon solvents, extraction techniques produce the majority of waxes. You may find waxes sold under various labels including “butter,” “badder,” “honeycomb,” “crumbling,” “cake icing,” or “sugar.” This is because waxes may generate a range of subtle textures due to changes in moisture and lipid content. Although there are so many names for the same thing that it may seem overwhelming, they are just various descriptive ones. Therefore, all of these cannabis wax variants are primarily aesthetic.

Another common name for cannabis extracts is shatter. Chemically speaking, wax and shatter rarely vary from one another; the fundamental distinction between the two is in the positions of the molecules upon extraction. In other words, only the texture and look of the extract will convey information about how much THC is present in the concentrate, not its glass-like or wax-like appearance.


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