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Queen Chem Live Rosin Fresh Press is an exquisite concentrate extracted from a Chemdawg phenotype. Cultivated by the skilled growers at Emerald Queen Farms and processed by WCC’s artisan hash makers, this live rosin fresh press provides a sapid vape with a luxurious high. Delivering a heady Chem-D flavor of gas, pine, and earth, its elevated effects create a contemplative and relaxed mindset.

Heritage Mendocino is the world’s first public cannabis hashery. They work with some of the best independent farms in Northern California to produce small batches of hand crafted hash for Heritage Hash Co. They grade everything so that only the finest trichomes go into their final products. Their solventless concentrate lines consist of traditional, cured, and live hash.

Live rosin begins as ice water hash before being packaged and pressed with the use of minimal heat. The contents of each trichome head burst open and pour out their oils for collection. The rosin press works as a final stage of filtration, removing the outer membranes from the trichomes and any remaining microscopic plant matter. A perfect golden rosin is all that remains.

Emerald Queen Farms

Diesel, Pine


Chem Dawg


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