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Premium Crumble Chips, crumble dab, or crumble wax are all synonyms for the same thing – cannabis concentrate that is very potent and has a unique crumbly texture, hence the name. In terms of color, it ranges from yellow to light orange and light brown.

In terms of potency, it is among the strongest of concentrates – it can contain up to 90% of THC! So, be careful when consuming them, otherwise, it might hit you stronger than expected.

Premium Crumble Chips also has some health-related benefits which is why some use it for medicinal purposes. Crumble is often used for pain relief, anxiety, depression, as well as stress.


Crumble dab or crumble wax are all the same thing: cannabis can be concentrated in a special texture, hence the name. In terms of color, it ranges from yellow to purple to brown.

In terms of potency, it’s one of the strongest – it can contain up to 90% THC! Therefore, be careful when you eat them, otherwise, it may affect you more than expected. It also has health benefits, which is why some use it for treatment. Crumble is often used to relieve pain, stress, depression and anxiety.


You can eat a plethora of crumbles in different ways – feel free to experiment. However, there are some points that we will cover in detail below:

  • Joints – due to its flexible nature, it is easy to burn when it is turned into a joint. Or if you like, you can spray some enhance the effect of the buds. Vape – If you have a vape or vaporizer pen with a concentration chamber, you can also vaporize your crumble. Just put the crumble in the room and dry it. Dab Rig – Our favorite way to consume crumble is with a dab rig. Dab is similar to a bong, but was designed specifically for concentrates. Put a small lock and nail, dry and encourage the platform.
    The purpose – ultimately, for their special texts, they may be additions and instructions for any marijuana. Try it and share your thoughts with us.

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